Meeting with BBMP and STUP Consultants

Date: December 19, 2013


Prof. P. P. Mujumdar, IISc, Bangalore., Prof. M. S. Mohan Kumar, IISc, Bangalore, Mr. Ananthswamy, Chief Engineer (SWD), BBMP, Mr. Y. D. Manmohan, STUP consultants, Ms. Chandra Rupa, IISc Bangalore, and Ms. Apoorva Shastry, IISc Bangalore.


Department of Civil Engineering, IISc, Bangalore.


To discuss the data issues with the BBMP Chief Engineer.


  1. Pilot area, consisting of Koramangala Valley has three major lakes in series, namely Gottigere Lake, Hulimavu Lake and Madivala Lake. The total study area is about 2011ha, Hulimavu catchment is about 1051ha and Madivala catchment about 960ha.
  2. The modelling could be done to 2-year return period and 5-year return period intensities, and a check on adequacy of the system with lakes in place would be done.
  3. It was mentioned that Mr. V S Prakash should be contacted for the locations of rain gauges present, and also for installation of more rain gauges. The data available with them are drainage network (excluding tertiary drains), levels, terrain maps, survey data-topographical survey and revenue survey of 1924 (it gives actual width of drains), and will be collected.
  4. A letter to The Commissioner of BBMP would be written regarding the involvement of IISc, Bangalore in the HUDCO project.