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Monsoon School on Urban Floods - 2016


The Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore had organized a one-week Monsoon School on "Urban Floods" during August 22 - 27, 2016, as one of the outreach activities in the research project entitled, Urban Flood Management in India: Technology Driven Solutions, sponsored by ITRA (Information Technology Research Academy), Ministry of Information and Technology, Government of India. The School comprised of lectures and tutorials by experts, covering topics of urban meteorology, urban hydrology, radar and remote sensing analysis of rain events, big data analysis for urban processes, engineering practices and post-flood responses. Group discussions were arranged to bring out the relevance of the state-of-the-art tools and methodologies for managing urban floods in Indian cities. The School targeted the practicing engineers and young researchers working with government or private bodies and educational institutes.

Venue for the Lectures: GJ Hall, Dept of Civil Engg

Venue for Tutorials: Conference Room/Computer Room, Dept of Civil Engg

Overview of the event: The event consisted of 37 participants across India and neighbouring countries (Sri Lanka and Nepal) joined the workshop. Prof. Dev Niyogi from Purdue University and Dr. Bhanu Neupane from UNESCO, Paris joined the workshop as resource persons. Indian speakers, Prof. Subimal Ghosh, Prof. D Nagesh Kumar, Prof. M Sekhar, Prof. MS Mohan Kumar, Prof. P. P. Mujumdar, Prof. Ravi Nanjudaiah, Prof. V V Srinivas delivered lectures on different topics relating to urban floods.

The participants of the workshop came from different backgrounds. Young faculty members from different educational institutions like MNIT and NIT Warangal; Scientists from IIRS, NIH, KSNDMC, CWC, CWRDM, APSDPS; Officials from Nepal and Sri Lanka; Research Scholars and graduate students from different education institutes including IIT Bombay, IISc Bangalore joined the workshop. This versatile group of participants helped to develop a very dynamic learning process through the workshop.

Each day of the workshop was divided into two sessions. In the morning sessions, lectures were conducted and in the afternoon sessions, tutorials, short assignments on the topics covered were given, group discussions were arranged etc. A visit to KSNDMC was organized in 26th August, 2016 in the afternoon session of the workshop. All the participants visited KSNDMC office where the officials described the functioning of flood early warning systems, telemetric rain gauges and other weather monitoring instruments to them.

Speaker Topic
Prof. Pradeep P Mujumdar Urban Hydrology – runoff generation, overland flow; Data Analysis; IDF Relationships, Design flood; Climate Change Impacts; Stormwater Management Model (SWMM). 
Prof. M S Mohan Kumar Flood Routing - Tools, Analysis and Control; Practical Aspects of Urban Flood Management
Prof. Dev Niyogi Urbanization and heavy rainfall climatology; Urban weather modelling; Radar and remote sensing analysis of rain event.
Prof. D Nagesh Kumar Remote Sensing/GIS/DEM applications in Flood Hydrology.
Dr. G Srinivasa Reddy High resolution rainfall data and forecasts for Bangalore city – during visit to KSNDMC
Prof. Subimal Ghosh WRF Model with Urban Flooding Applications.
Prof. V V Srinivas  Performance evaluation of urban stormwater systems.
Prof. Ravi Nanjundaiah Introduction to Urban Meteorology.
Dr. Bhanu Neupane ICT applications in Urban Flooding; Risk Reduction Cycle; Data Issues; Smart City Concept.
Prof. M Sekhar Urban Groundwater Issues
Ms. Chandra Rupa R, Srivani L and Prayas Rath  Tutorial: Hydrological modelling using SWMM- Tutorial